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How To Choose a Make-up Artist for Your Wedding Day

Choose a Make-up Artist for Your Wedding Day
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Planning a wedding can be exhausting. Everything from the church to the food at the reception needs to be accounted for. As the bride, you have quite a bit on your plate. You need to find a dress, pick out your wedding party and their dresses, and make hair, nail, and makeup appointments. With everything else on your list of "to dos," choosing a makeup artist often falls at the bottom. Unfortunately, many woman wait till the last min and just pick one out of convenience. If this doesn't sound like a big deal, think again. The makeup artist is in charge of perfecting your bridal beauty preparing you for your big day and all the pictures. Use these tips to help find the perfect makeup artist to fit your needs.

They Should Listen: Sure, they are the experts but the fact of the matter is that it's your wedding therefore, if you want to wear green mascara and purple lipstick thats your prerogative and their job to make sure it looks the best it possibly could. When you begin your search for a wedding day makeup artist tell them what your looking for and see how they respond. If they aren't thrilled with what you want and demand the upper hand, look for someone who understands your style.

Look at Previous Work: Previous work is one of the best ways to gage a makeup artist's talent. Most will have a portfolio with pictures of past clients. Ask for a portfolio and flip through it. If you're less than thrilled or don't like their style keep searching for someone who meets your standards.

Bring Pictures: It's highly likely you have been flipping through wedding magazine to help you find out what you want on your wedding day and that include what you want your makeup to look like. If you find a particular style, color, or look that you absolutely love, cut the picture out and bring it with you. Your makeup artist will thank you for the example and you'll find it much easier to get what you want when you come prepared with a visual.

Nothing but the Best: Your paying to have your makeup done professionally and therefore should expect professional makeup or at least that of good quality. You want to make sure your lipstick doesn't go become your husband's after the first kiss and that your mascara makes it through your tears of joy. Ask your makeup artist about the products they use on their clients.

Insist on a Dry Run Appointment: Weddings take a great deal of practice and planning and that includes your appearance. You probably looked at tons of dresses, flowers, and cakes before you made a decision. Likewise you will or at least should have your hair done before the wedding day; you will try your dress on; and you will rehearse the day before. Make sure the makeup artist you choose will set up prior appointment to figure out what will look best. The last thing you want to do is go in blindly the day of your wedding and come out with makeup you hate.

Let Them Know If You Don't Like It: Having your makeup done professionally is one way to be sure you look your best on your wedding day. Since you are paying to have it done you have every right to like the way you look. If you don't like the way your eyes came out or aren't a fan of that particular shade of lipstick, let the makeup artist know. This is your big day and you should be one hundred percent satisfied with the way you look after you leave their chair.

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