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EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN: A New Sound for Destiny's Child's Michelle Williams

It's a hot new look – and new sound – for former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams, and people has your exclusive first listen to "We Break the Dawn," the synth-heavy first single from her album, Unexpected, due in August. (Click play below to hear it, then check out the singer's official Web site for more info.)

It's a big new step for Williams, whose previous two albums focused more on her gospel roots – and it has the pop seal of approval from Mathew Knowles (aka Beyoncé's father), who's releasing the disc through Music World Entertainment/Columbia Records. offers the best on beauty product-perfumes-designer watches-lingeries-Ink-toners-football products and more. We won't be Betten on Prices. Stop by and pick up your favourite item, there is something for everyone.

There Was 'No Wedding' For Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Despite reports that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt wedded in a New Orleans church Saturday, a source close to the couple tells people there was "no wedding."

The family spent a weekend in New Orleans two weeks ago – as Pitt broke ground on his Make It Right project to help rebuild the city's Lower Ninth Ward – but they have recently been in the Austin, Texas, area while Pitt films Tree of Life with Sean Penn.

Jolie, who stars in the action film Wanted, opening in June, is pregnant and due later this year. offers the best on beauty product-perfumes-designer watches-lingeries-Ink-toners-football products and more. We won't be Betten on Prices. Stop by and pick up your favourite item, there is something for everyone.

Celine Dion Postpones Australian Concerts

Her heart may go on – but the show will not.

A throat infection has forced "Celine Dion" to cancel a string of shows in Australia, Reuters reported Friday.

"Her doctor has instructed her to rest for an additional 48 hours in order to be fully recovered," publicists for Dion, 39, said in a statement.

The infection had already forced the songstress to postpone shows in Melbourne and Brisbane. Now she’s also delaying her two concerts in Sydney and one in Perth.

The multi-Grammy winner is in Australia as part of her first world tour in 10 years. The Canadian-born diva recently finished a nearly 5-year stint at Las Vegas’s Caesars Palace. offers the best on beauty product-perfumes-designer watches-lingeries-Ink-toners-football products and more. We won't be Betten on Prices. Stop by and pick up your favourite item, there is something for everyone.

Paris shimmies her way through belly dancing routine on Turkish TV

The American socialite got more than she bargained for while judging the Miss Turkey beauty pageant when she was called upon to participate in a belly dancing routine.

Though she’s an expert at strutting her stuff on VIP room dance floors, there was an impromptu bootie-shaking experience with a difference in store for “Paris Hilton” this week in Turkey.

In Istanbul to help judge the televised Miss Turkey beauty pageant, the platinum blonde socialite found herself the centre of attention when she was called upon to join a belly dancer in her routine.

As the band struck up a lively tune Paris followed her dance companion’s lead, gamely shaking her hips and twirling around to cheers from the audience.

“This is my first time judging anything like this,” said Paris before the event. “I’m going to look at how the girls carry themselves, what they look like, the way they dress and what they say.”

“This is my first time judging anything like this,” said Paris, who improvised an exotic touch of her…

Erykah Badu and Q-Tip in Trace Magazine: You’ll Watch Black Orpheus and Like It

Ah, finally, as bubbled last month, Erykah Badu and Q-Tip are the cover story of this month’s Trace magazine. Shout to Concreteloop for reminding me to circle back to the site.

Erykah Badu spoke of how much she was inspired by A Tribe Called Quest and the Native Tongues movement. Amen to that. The Native Tongues opened the doors for all the ‘freaqs’ in rap and if you were a singer, neo-soul became your thing.

Q-Tip and Erykah spoke of each other as good friends: they exchange beats, ideas, critiques, sometimes her kids talk to him during one of their IM sessions. I think they made it clear it’s all strictly on a family ties level.

Asked when they’re going to collaborate, Erykah recalled this. “I went over to his house in New Jersey and even before we started talking about music, he said, ‘Be quiet, let’s just sit down, I want to show you a movie.’ He showed me Black Orpheus and it was like, ‘Wow’ We went down to the basement and started to do beats, and he came up with this really funky …

Jamie Lynn Spears Shows Off New Engagement Ring to Friends

Mom-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears is sporting some sparkling new jewelry – an engagement ring from fiancé Casey Aldridge.

Spears, 16, has been flashing the rock to friends and family around Louisiana and Mississippi, a source close to the family tells people.

"She's got an engagement ring," the source says. "She's been showing it off, talking about it."

Spears and her 18-year-old-fiance are expecting the baby this summer. No official word yet on a wedding date for the couple. offers the best on beauty product-perfumes-designer watches-lingeries-Ink-toners-football products and more. We won't be Betten on Prices. Stop by and pick up your favourite item, there is something for everyone.

Ashley Dupre Gets Reprieve from Scandal with Spa Trip

Now notorious gubernatorial call girl Ashley Dupré spent some time relaxing and bonding with her mom in her hometown this past weekend.

Dupre and her mom indulged in massages Saturday at the Hand & Stone Massage Spa in Spring Lake Heights, N.J., which borders her childhood home in Wall. “I know she’s been under a lot of stress so I hope we relaxed her.”

The 22-year-old – best known for her involvement in the political scandal that led to the resignation of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer – was recently called “a strong, independent woman” by friends discussing the scandal. source offers the best on beauty product-perfumes-designer watches-lingeries-Ink-toners-football products and more. We won't be Betten on Prices. Stop by and pick up your favourite item, there is something for everyone.

Britney's Sitcom Wardrobe to Be Sold for Charity

Britney Spears's guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother could benefit her career – and the environment.

A least six items of clothing from the pop star's wardrobe on the show will be auctioned off to benefit the Natural Resources Defence Council. according to the Associated Press.

The auction will begin Monday, right after the episode starring Spears airs on CBS.

Producers of the show sponsored the sale, which will include a navy print Juicy Couture dress, a yellow Nannette Lepore dress and a cream Nannette Lepore cardigan with blue flower details, all worn by Spears during filming. offers the best on beauty product-perfumes-designer watches-lingeries-Ink-toners-football products and more. We won't be Betten on Prices. Stop by and pick up your favourite item, there is something for everyone.

Rick Salomon Now Claims Fraud in Pam Anderson Marriage

Pamela Anderson isn't the only one claiming fraud in her brief marriage – now estranged husband Rick Salomon is making the same allegation.

A month after Anderson sought an annulment rather than a divorce, Salomon also filed papers to annul the two-month union.

Like Anderson, he checked the box marked "fraud" as the reason for the annulment, say the Superior Court documents filed Friday.

Neither has explained why the fraud allegation is being made.

After just two months of marriage, Anderson, 40, filed for divorce from Salomon, 39, in December, citing irreconcilable differences.

They were married last October in Las Vegas during a 90-minute break between the magic shows in which Anderson was appearing. offers the best on beauty product-perfumes-designer watches-lingeries-Ink-toners-football products and more. We won't be Betten on Prices. Stop by and pick up your favourite item, there is something for everyone.

Will the sexier cover make you buy “Ms. Kelly?”

Let me start by saying that I’m not really a fan of artists re-recording and then re-releasing lukewarm albums. For me, it’s better to just move on and create an all-new better follow-up. Nevertheless, Kelly Rowland has been much in the news for attempting to make Ms. Kelly stronger, faster and more importantly sexier (e.g. the boob job!).

So here’s the new re-loaded CD cover for Ms. Kelly: Diva Deluxe. Does the sexy picture make you want to go out and get the disc? offers the best on beauty product-perfumes-designer watches-lingeries-Ink-toners-football products and more. We won't be Betten on Prices. Stop by and pick up your favourite item, there is something for everyone.

Halle Berry's Baby Name: Nahla Ariela Aubry!

Halle Berry has revealed the name of her newborn daughter: Nahla Ariela Aubry.

The baby girl, who was born on Sunday is the first for the Oscar winning actress and her model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry.

A day after Nahla's birth, Aubry's sister, Eugenie, told people, "It's been a long time since we've had a new baby in the family. It's very exciting."

Nahla means honeybee in Arabic, says Michael D. Cooperson, associate professor of Arabic at UCLA.

Berry, 41, tells Access Hollywood, "We didn't have a name picked out until just before we left the hospital."

"For us it was hard to name the most important person in our life until we met her," Berry adds. offers the best on beauty product-perfumes-designer watches-lingeries-Ink-toners-football products and more. We won't be Betten on Prices. Stop by and pick up your favourite item, there is something for everyone.

Britney's Surprise Dinner Companion: Mel Gibson

Only on Planet Britney. On Saturday Britney Spears started the day with another visit from her sons Preston and Jayden, and ended the evening at a Russian restaurant for a dinner meeting with "Mel Gibson".

The actor and the pop star – once neighbors in an exclusive Malibu community – were part of a two-hour group dinner at the Romanov restaurant in Studio City on Saturday.

"It was exciting to have both of them here together," says one restaurant source. "We heard they hit it off and that Britney seemed excited."

Clad in jeans, a green top and boots and chewing gum, Spears arrived at the Romanov restaurant with her friend Victoria. Gibson, accompanied by a few friends, soon joined them in the Restaurant's private dining room,which features a 24-karat gold leaf ceiling, an ornate fireplace and a library stocked with such works as Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace. For two hours the group dined on filet mignon and Russian specialties, and drank water and soft…

Halle Berry Has a Baby Girl

Halle Berry who only recently said, "I want to stay pregnant forever" – had a baby girl Sunday and "is doing great," her rep has confirmed.

The father is Gabriel Aubry. Berry, 41, and the 32-year-old model met while shooting a Versace ad in Los Angeles in November 2005 and first stepped out publicly together three months later at the February 2006 opening of a Versace boutique in New York City.

"Berry" first announced her pregnancy in September last year, when she was three months along.

During her pregnancy, the Oscar, Emmy and Razzie winner told InStyle she felt "fantastic" thanks to eating right and keeping fit with yoga, swimming, light weights and an elliptical machine. "Right now I just have so much joy and energy," she said. "I can just go and go and go."

For his part, Aubry has been reading baby manuals and parenting books. offers the best on beauty product-perfumes-designer watches-lingeries-Ink-to…

Joel Madden Celebrates Baby No. 2: His New Store

It was a double-date night for new dad Joel Madden as he and brother Benji celebrated their first DCMA Collective store in Los Angeles with girlfriends Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton.

It's like another baby!" Joel told people of the eight-months-in-the-making store off L.A.'s famous Melrose Avenue. "We're going to carry DCMA's line [including] baby stuff, the jewelry – it's my favorite – and the collaboration T-shirts." Adds Benji: "We come from a small town, and not very much, and to be doing this – it's definitely a dream come true."

Richie and Hilton helped their significant others entertain guests including Pete Wentz, Nicky Hilton and David Katzenberg, the Hills' Audrina Patridge and Christina Milian, who also spent time at sponsor's booth, a new organization that supports charities including the Richie-Madden Children's Foundation.

"It's so cool to see this come to life because this has been Joel's…

Paris Hilton, Benji Madden Taking Romance on Tour

Paris Hilton says she’s ready to hit the road with Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden, her boyfriend of a month and a half, when his band kicks off an international tour next week.

"We’re actually leaving in a couple days for South Africa, so I'll be with him," Hilton told people at the launch party Friday for Madden’s new DCMA Collective store in Los Angeles.

But is the heiress really ready for life on a tour bus? "I'm just happy to be together, so no matter where we are, we'll have a great time," she says. After shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Good Charlotte heads to Europe and the U.K. before hitting the road in North America this summer in support of their album Good Morning Revival.

At the party, "Madden" said his favorite part of the clothing line he runs with twin brother Joel is the collaborative T-shirts they've done with celebrities including artist Shepherd Fairy, Oscar-winning rap group Three 6 Mafia, and musician Chris Ro…

Lindsay Lohan: I Put Myself in 'Wrong Situations'

It's been nearly six months since Lindsay Lohan checked out of Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah. And now the actress is opening up about the lifestyle that led her to rehab.

"I think it was just situations that I was putting myself in," she told people at a photo exhibit last week at N.Y.C.'s The Atelier. "I was putting myself in the wrong situations and I didn't have the focus in the right place."

Since leaving, Lohan, 21, said she's rid herself of bad influences and hangers-on. "I did – I changed things," she insisted.

The starlet also said she keeps in touch with the friends she met at Cirque Lodge and that her family has helped keep her on track.

"My family has always been important to me, and they've always supported me," said Lohan, who reunited with her estranged dad, Michael, while in rehab. "I'm blessed to have a really wonderful family."

Career Revival
After a tumultuous 2007, Lohan's career seems t…

'Kristen''s Music Video Past

Ashley Alexandra Dupré – a.k.a 'Kristen,' the high-priced call girl who brought down.

The 22-year-old is seen leaning against various cars and, at one point, raises her middle fingers in a two-handed slaute.

"She was very professional," the video's director, Jonathan Ehlers, told Los Angeles TV station KCAL, the Associated Press reports. "Again, she was really warm. She had a great vibe and she was really fun to be around."

When he head about the prostitution scandal, Ehlers added, "I was shocked. All I could think was, I wondered where she was and I hoped she was all right." offers the best on beauty product-perfumes-designer watches-lingeries-Ink-toners-football products and more. We won't be Betten on Prices. Stop by and pick up your favourite item, there is something for everyone.

'Kristen' in N.Y. Governor Scandal Speaks Out

The alleged prostitute known as "Kristen" in the New York governor sex scandal is a 22-year-old New Jersey native from a broken home who now worries what people will think of her, according to a newspaper report.

"I just don't want to be thought of as a monster," the woman, identified as Ashley Alexandra Dupre, tells The New York Times "This has been a very difficult time. It is complicated."

Dupre has not been charged in the case. But she has been subpoenaed to testify in a grand jury investigation, her lawyer, Don D. Buchwald, told a magistrate judge in court on Monday.

According to her MySpace page, her first love is music – the page features one of her own recordings and lists Patsy Cline, Frank Sinatra, Christina Aguilera and Lauryn Hill among her influences.

'What Destroys Me, Strengthens Me'

Dupre (whose page features the quote, "What destroys me, strengthens me") writes that she left a "broken family" at age 17, used dru…

Sex Scandal Boosts Music Career of ‘Kristen

Ashley Alexandra Dupré, the 22-year-old at the center of the N.Y. governor sex scandal, is getting an unexpected boost to her music career.

JJ, a disc jockey for New York’s Z100, the most widely listened to radio station in the U.S., and one of the most influential in pop music, played her song “What We Want” on Thursday.

“Z100 is all about playing what’s hot, and we can’t think of anything hotter than a song from the woman at the center of a scandal that took down the governor of New York,” says Tom Poleman, SVP of Programming for Z100 New York. “On top of that, it’s a surprisingly good song. Looks like she may have a new career; this time in music.”

Dupré, a New Jersey native, posted the song on her MySpace page and made it available to buy for 16 cents on the music site Ami Street, which prices tracks based on popularity.

Since her identity was revealed, Dupré’s MySpace page has had more than 5 million profile views – and growing – as of Thursday and the price of the song on Amie Stree…

Tweet’s New Love on Umbrella Records

Did you know Tweet is no longer on Atlantic Records? After recording her second album It’s Me Again the project got caught up in the merger between Elektra and Atlantic Records.

Once the shuffling stopped, the original people backing the album were gone and there were all new label demands and politics to deal with. Obviously the album was released - you might own it - but Tweet decided to leave Atlantic, sit at home, and just be a “Mom.” <<>> Love, Tweet Promo shots below.

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Nick Lachey Working on Reality Version of Fame

Nick Lachey is returning to his roots.

The former Newlyweds star is executive producing a pilot for an MTV reality show, which the network describes as a version of the ’80s movie and TV show Fame, according to the Hollwood Reporter.

The yet-to-be-named program focuses on students at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Lachey’s alma mater. (Sarah Jessica Parker and Carmen Electra are also famous former students.)

“The stories and relationships are all set to music that’s organic to what’s going on in the school and also performed by the kids,” Tony DiSanto, executive VP of series development and programming at the network, tells the Reporter. “This is a genre-busting, creative experiment that I’m really excited about.”

As an example DiSanto said a scene could feature kids breaking into dance in the cafeteria, which sounds a lot like a real-life High School Musical, or the soundtrack could come from a scene in which a student is practicing his or her instrument.


Baby Spice Asked To Leave Night Club After She Was Caught Smoking

Emma Bunton was asked to leave a nightclub after flouting the U.K. smoking ban.

The 32-year-old Spice Girl sneakily sparked up a cigarette - which is illegal in enclosed public places throughout Great Britain - with her friend while partying at London's Café de Paris recently, but got caught out by an eagle-eyed security guard.

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Emma and her friend tried to hide their cigarettes under the table but one of the security men spotted the smoke and asked them to leave.

"Emma turned bright red and held her face in her hands. She looked mortified and kept saying, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I promise.'"

Luckily for Emma - who was also accompanied by her fiancé Jade Jones who she has an eight-month-old son Beau with - the club manager recognized her and let her stay on the proviso she did not do it again.

A club spokesman confirmed: "Security asked Emma to leave after sh…

Will Smith To Host Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday Celebration

Will Smith is to host a concert celebrating Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday this summer.

The Hollywood actor and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith have agreed to front the star-studded event in London's Hyde Park on June 27 after being asked by the iconic former South African leader.

As well as recognizing the landmark date, the event will raise money for 46664, Mandela's AIDS charity.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Will Smith is a big fan of Nelson and wanted to help out. Nelson is so inspirational and so many artists want to be involved. Razorlight, Keane, Queen and Annie Lennox are definites. U2, the Spice Girls and Sir Paul McCartney could join them and Eminem's up for it too."

"We think it will be Nelson Mandela's last international public appearance, which will make it even more special."

Should Eminem agree to perform it would be his first major concert appearance since his self-imposed retirement in 2005.

The event will be attended b…

Matt Damon & Wife Expecting!

Matt Damon’s family is expanding: The actor and wife Luciana are expecting another baby.

They couldn’t be happier,” says Allen. “They’re so excited!”

The current Sexiest Man Alive ,37, and his wife, 32, stepped out Sunday night at the Empire Film Awards in London – with Luciana glowing (and sporting a baby bump).

This is the third child for the family: Daughter Isabella was born in June 2006, and Luciana has a 9-year-old daughter, Alexia, from a previous marriage.

The actor is currently shooting the CIA thriller Green Zone in Morocco.

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Victoria and Nicolas ‘leaving LA for Britain’s green lands’

With its beautiful blue skies and glitzy lifestyle, it’s easy to see why Los Angeles is so popular with celebrities. However, it seems that two of the city’s most famous inhabitants are planning to live in the UK.

With her Spice Girl days now firmly behind her, Victoria has been working hard on establishing her fashion career - one of the reasons the family are said to want to return to London to live

When she moved to LA last year, Victoria Beckham pledged her family’s future to America. Trendsetter Posh and husband David have fully fitted into the city’s glamorous scene. Friends include golden couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as well as Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Reports this weekend, however, say Britain’s green land is calling the family home.

“They are coming back and London will be home for Victoria, David and their sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz,” the Sunday People reported a source as saying.

Hollywood superstar Nicolas and his wife Alice already have many …

Heath Ledger’s Dad: Michelle & Matilda Rose ‘Will Be Taken Care Of’

Heath Ledger’s family moved quickly to speak out Saturday after details of the late actor’s will were released showing he had not updated it since his relationship with Michelle Williams and the 2005 birth of their daughter Matilda Rose.

“Matilda is our absolute priority and Michelle is an integral part of our family,” Heath’s father Kim Ledger says in a statement. “They will be taken care of and that’s how Heath would want it to be.”

Ledger’s will – filed in Australia in April 2003, before Williams and before his Oscar nomination for Brokeback Mountain – left everything he owned to his parents and sister, New York’s Daily News reported Saturday. A series of documents filed in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court revealed that the actor had less than $145,000 in New York assets at the time, including a $25,000 Toyota Prius and $20,000 in furniture and fixtures.

Ledger’s rep quickly squashed any speculation that Williams and 2-year-old Matilda would not be provided for. “The story is getting taken…

Pregnant Lisa Marie Presley Hurt by 'Vicious' Remarks

Lisa Marie Presley contends she was pressured into revealing her pregnancy after enduring cruel comments about "my expanding physique."

"After being the target all week of slanderous and degrading stories, horribly manipulated pictures and articles in the media, I have had to show my cards and announce under the gun and under vicious personal attack that I am in fact pregnant," writes Presley on her MySpace Celebrity Blog.

Presley, 40 – who is, of course, the daughter of the new Dancing with the Stars contestant Priscilla Presley and the late "King," Elvis Presley – says she hopes this will now "stop all of the harassment, and I can stop dodging the continuous bullets.

"It is unfortunate that I couldn't have announced something that is this much of a blessing and that has made us so incredibly happy under better circumstances," she laments.


George Clooney: Fabio Could ‘Probably’ Beat Me Up

What do you do when Donald Trump pokes fun at your height and Fabio threatens to beat you up? If you’re George Clooney, you take it all in stride – and make a couple jokes, of course.

The Michael Clayton star, 46, agreed to a good-natured Googling session in the April issue of Esquire magazine, and in it he’s asked about a laundry list of recent rumors about him – including his reported run-in with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter pitchman Fabio.

When asked about his alleged feud with Fabio last fall (in which the model said he could beat Clooney up), the actor responds, “Yeah, that’s probably true. He’s a big guy. There is a moment when you are actually in the argument and you’re thinking, ‘If I do get beaten down by Fabio, that will be far worse than the pain. I wouldn’t shake that.”

Also found in the magazine’s Web search:

• When Esquire discovers a Web site that calls Clooneygay, gay, gay,” the good-natured actor quips, “No, I’m gay, gay. The third gay – that was pushing it.” Donald …

'Housewives' pals on hand to help launch Eva's culinary venture

"I'm a little nervous," admitted the actress before the launch of the Hollywood restaurant, Beso - Spanish for 'kiss'

It was a case of another night, another red carpet event for the in-demand actresses who portray the ladies of Wisteria Lane. The Thursday night Hollywood bash held a special significance for Desperate Housewives cast members Nicolette Sheridan and Felicity Huffman, though, as it was the unveiling of their pal Eva Longoria's new Mexican eaterie.

"I'm a little nervous," admitted the actress before the launch of the restaurant, Beso - Spanish for 'kiss'. "But at least I don't have to cook!"

Though she may not be helping out in the kitchen on the first night, there was no sitting on the sidelines for Eva in any other aspect of the project. She was instrumental in the interior design of the venue - coming up with idea for the etched poetry at the entrance - including a poem by her sister, and picked out the three c…

Doctor ‘Optimistic’ About Patrick Swayze’s Cancer

‘Don’t write me off yet’ says brave cancer patient Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze, who starred in Dirty Dancing and Ghost, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, his doctor says.

“Patrick has a very limited amount of disease and he appears to be responding well to treatment thus far,” Dr. George Fisher says in a statement. “All of the reports stating the time frame of his prognosis and his physical side effects are absolutely untrue. We are considerably more optimistic.”

The actor’s rep adds: “Patrick is continuing his normal schedule during this time, which includes working on upcoming projects. The outpouring of support and concern he has already received from the public is deeply appreciated by Patrick and his family.”

Swayze, 55, started his career as a dancer before turning to acting. His breakout role was as a Catskills dance instructor opposite Jennifer Grey in 1987’s sleeper hit Dirty Dancing. He also starred opposite Demi Moore in the 1990 blockbuster Ghost.

On Broadway in the …

Nicole & Joel’s Baby Album

Meet little Harlow – and see photos of her happy family


“I don’t even remember what life was like before her,” new mom Nicole Richie, 26, says of daughter Harlow Winter Kate, born Jan. 11 “She gives life a whole new meaning and a whole new purpose.”


While the parents initially differed over their daughter’s name – “I wanted a hippie name and he wanted a more Biblical name,” Richie says – the uniqueness of Harlow stuck. “Harlow’s a cool name because it feels like a classic name,” Madden says, citing the actress Jean Harlow and model Shalom Harlow as two major inspirations.

Attuned to her daughter’s needs, Richie says she knows how to pacify her when she’s in need. “I’m with her all the time … I know when something’s wrong,” she explains. And to soothe Harlow, Richie and Joel Madden, 28, play her lullaby versions of Radiohead and Nirvana songs.

Calling parenthood “the best thing that’s ever happened to us,” Joel Madden tells PEOPLE that Harlow has…

Sophie Monk Speaks Out About Benji & Paris

Sophie Monk says her breakup with rocker Benji Madden was amicable and she wishes her ex and his quickly found love Paris Hilton all the best.

“Let me make this as plain as possible – Benji did not leave me for Paris Hilton,” Monk, 28, said in a statement, according to Australia’s Herald Sun “Benji and I did not break up badly or anything like that. We both decided, as adults, our relationship had run its course and decided to move on. I feel no animosity towards Benji and Paris at all and am very happy with life at the moment.”

Less than two weeks after Monk, an Australian native, and the Good Charlotte guitarist called off their engagement , Madden, 28, was seen with Hilton. On Friday, Hilton, 27, left the jewelry store XIV Karats of Beverly Hills wearing a ring on her engagement finger, but declined to reveal whether she had wedding plans.

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