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Katie Price reveals: 'I don't write my best-selling novels'

It's a remarkable career move by anyone's standards: from lad's mag's favourite to best-selling author.

And Katie Price's foray into literature has been so successful that she has even beaten off competition from leading writers.

But just when it seemed that there was no end to the model's extraordinary talents, she has admitted enlisting more than a little help.

Of course I didn't write it': Katie Price, pictured at the book launch of her third novel Angel Uncovered last week, made a frank admission about her writing skills

Far from writing her own novels, Miss Price - better known as Jordan - instead reveals she merely thinks up the plot - leaving the complex task of conjuring up the golden prose to an assistant.

"I'm not going to lie, I don't sit there with a typewriter and write it, of course I don't," she said.

"I don't have time to do that. I say how I want the storyline to be, each chapter is done, I read through it change it and then it goes away to be written.

"So I'm not going to sit here and say I write it word by word because I'd be lying. I actually say how I want the story and that's how it happens."

So far Miss Price, 30, has written three novels. Her first book, Angel, sold 300,000 copies in the first six weeks when it was released two years ago.

Her second ghost-written novel, Crystal, sold 160,000 copies in the first three months and stormed straight to the top of the hardback best-sellers list.

It even sold better than Andrew Marr's History of Britain.

Her latest novel Angel Uncovered has been billed by her publishing company as 'an explosive and highly charged tale of love, lies and celebrities'.

The synopsis bears a striking similarity to her own life. It revolves around fictional WAG Angel Summer who is 'married to the love of her life, sexy footballer Cal, they have a beautiful baby girl and Angel is Britain's top glamour model'.

"I’m in this celebrity life with the magazines so I wanted to bring out a book which, you know, sort of is like what you read," she added in the interview with Virgin Radio.

"It’s all about now, what you read with the WAGs, the arguments, what happened behind the scenes. Not that I know but things that I hear.

"I’m not saying it’s a true story but you can read it and people go ‘actually Kate’s done similar or has she done that’.

"I’ve made the book like where people question ‘do you reckon that’s really happened or hasn’t it?’ I’ve been quite clever.

"Honestly I just enjoy doing them and the others have been successful and I just know it’s a good read."

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